“Microphones. Pre-amps. Engineering. Digital platform. Production flow. Musicians. Budget–there are a host of considerations when planning a project. The truth is, you’re probably going to find decent gear at any reputable studio. Is this studio professional? Sure. Is Brian a pro? Definitely. But more than that, he actually cares about my art and my success–and at the end of the day, that’s why I keep going back.”

Trent Smith (aka TC Sargeant)

“Brian is a master of his craft. He has guided the recording process of two of our EPs now and does it with so much confidence and ease. At the onset of each project we bring him heaps of ideas, arrangements, and instrumentation and immediately put his well-trained ear and tasteful musical intuition to work. And work he does! He works quickly and methodically–not missing a beat, or note, or any other musical mishap. The fact that he is both laid-back while still maintaing his mad musical genius is remarkable. He’s the friendliest genius you’ll ever meet.”

– Dane Johnson, The Music Room

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Brian on the last three records I’ve made.  As a producer, Brian does an amazing job of understanding context. How each instrumental or vocal part best fits in a track, and then seeing how each song compliments each other in an album. He knows how to get the right sound, right away and has an almost surgical ear for pitch & timing.  When it comes to writing music, Brian not only brings his immense multi-instrumental skills to the table but a keen since of concise story telling through lyric.  I can’t wait to get started on our next record together!”

– Damian Horne, artist

“Brian is an incredibly gifted songwriter, engineer, arranger, and producer.  Creatively, he’s always got fresh ideas, and at the same time, he understands and appreciates the necessities and practical realities of the “business” part of the music business.  Technically…I’ve never worked with anyone who is faster or more efficient with ProTools and other tech gear than he is.  As a producer, he makes the recording process challenging yet comfortable and enjoyable.  And in the Sierra Foothills, the studio space is like a retreat. More importantly…Brian has a great heart.”

George Rowe, artist

“Brian has a keen musical genius that I have truly never seen anywhere else. He is the fastest and most efficient man I have ever worked with and pushed my thinking of music, song-writing, and production to an entirely new level. He can hear any song at its earliest conception and know what it should sound like when it has reached fruition, as well as knowing every step along the way to grow it to that point. He knows how to push each member of the band to perform his best. He works extremely hard, tirelessly so in the studio, and is meticulous about every last detail, ensuring that what is laid down will be the best, no doubt about it.  I say that with complete and full confidence, experiencing this first-hand working with him on our record.  Oh, and he is an absolute blast to hang out with!   An amazing musician and friend; we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks Brian!”

– Patrick Carmichael, Chasing Cadence

“Brian makes the entire process easy.  From pre-production to post production, his high level of professionalism and competency is amazing.  In addition to this,  he is a great song writer and musician which gives him another level of understanding with which to aid and embellish your projects.  He is a joy to work with!”

Joel Robinett, artist